A Culinary Experience in Rome

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A Culinary Experience in Rome

A Picturesque Start in Rome

Tucked away in a charming neighborhood in Rome, Chef Carla Tomas introduced us to the beauty of fresh cuisine and the joys of cooking with friends. Our class began at 9:45 am with fresh cinnamon rolls and Caffe Latte. We then proceeded to her meticulously kept garden and selected our ingredients that we would need for our class. Chef Carla, like most Italians, prefers to use only fresh and simple ingredients to create her dishes. Their idea of cooking is simply to use ingredients that are in season – going to the market to see “what looks good” and deciding on a menu based on that concept.

The Art of Pasta Making
We prepared three different types of pasta – all home-made with eggs and flour. Carla taught us how to make a “bowl” of flour and crack the eggs inside to create our pasta. It was a simple process for our chef but our skills definitely could use additional practice! The first pasta we made was ravioli stuffed with spinach, ricotta, pecorino, and parmesan. The sauce was simple: butter, lemon, and fresh mint. The second pasta was penne pasta with a light olive oil, Italian zucchini, and garlic sauce. Finally, we made homemade tagliatelle with sliced red peppers, shallots, basil, and garlic. Delicious!

Complementary Delicacies

To complement our pasta, Carla prepared zucchini flowers dipped in light flour and cooked them in peanut and olive oil. Amazing! She had a charcuterie platter with prosciutto and many different varieties of cheeses that are only found in Italy. We had home-made focaccia bread and a beautiful tomato and mozzarella salad with fresh basil.

A Sweet Ending

To complete our class, we prepared homemade panna cotta. Carla roasted nectarines on a platter in the oven and put them directly on the congealed panna cotta.

Reflections and Recommendations

This culinary experience was truly spectacular. Our chef was organized, personable, unpretentious, and gracious with each of us. She created an atmosphere of relaxation while instructing us on Italian cuisine. I felt like I was experiencing what my Italian grandmother Lisa Louise taught me in her kitchen when I was a little girl visiting her in Florida.

Exclusive Culinary Connections

As a Virtuoso agent, I have the opportunity to connect you with culinary experiences just like the one I participated in this week. There are many cooking classes on the internet but my connections can provide you with over-the-top experiences with accomplished restauranteurs like Chef Carla. You will leave feeling blessed, overwhelmed by her graciousness, and a desire to prepare all that she has taught you at your home. Additionally, I have classes in other regions of Italy that can provide you with a remarkable experience.

Live La Dolce Vita!

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