Plan My Trip

Let Thornton-Hall Travel Create an unforgettable experience.

As your luxury travel agents, we make the entire travel experience—from planning to departure to return—seamless and straightforward. Here’s what you can expect when you hire Thornton-Hall Travel for your next adventure.

1. Discover your goals

If you’re a new client, we start with a conversation to get to know you as a person, uncover your goals and vision, and even expand your horizons for your trip. We need to know you, your likes and dislikes, challenges, expectations, and personality so we can curate a bespoke vacation you can get nowhere else.

If we’re a good fit for you and you’d like to move forward, we’ll send you a Client Journey detail and a trip agreement. Then we’ll process our planning fee.

2. Design your trip

Once we get to know you personally, we can start tailoring your trip to you. After our initial meeting, we will get to work developing an itinerary based on your goals, desires, and budget.

Using our exclusive partnerships, years of travel expertise, and personal connections around the world, we will craft each step of your journey with the best of what your destination has to offer.

3. Adjust & Finalize your itinerary

We want you to be excited about every detail! We will continue to make revisions and refinements until we’ve crafted your perfect itinerary.

In the months and weeks leading up to your trip, we’ll finalize all details and monitor all aspects of your journey. We have our finger on the pulse of your destination, keeping up to date with any local happenings that may affect your trip. If there are any changes or adjustments to your itinerary or accommodations, we’ll handle all the details for you. We offer a quick turnaround on all aspects of your planning because we have the knowledge and personal connections to make it happen.

4. bon voyage

Now it’s time to pack your bags and have the vacation you’ve been dreaming of for months. Before your departure, we ensure that you are equipped for each step of your trip so that you can be confident and relaxed each step of the way.

We’ll load your full itinerary, details, and our Destination Partners’ contacts into an app for your phone so you don’t have to keep track of paperwork. And we’ll schedule a call to make sure you’re able to access the app and your trip details with ease. If you experience any problems during your journey, our Destination Partners are your personal helpline for resolving any issue.

5. Welcome Home

Upon your return, we’ll arrange a follow-up meeting so we can discuss your travels. Tell us about the memories you made, the experiences that surprised you, and the challenges you faced. We want to know everything about your trip so we can make your next one even better.

Wherever you want to go,
Thornton-Hall Travel makes it happen.